Why is the initially starting a piece so challenging?

As I stare down to a blank page in my sketchbook, I grapple with this question. I always find it challenging to dive in to piece and begin to create. Yet, the first step, the dive into creativity, is of the utmost importance. For instance, when one decides to hike a large mountain, the intent or idea of accomplishing this feat is meaningless without follow through. The first steps are often hard, then quickly they will  fall in to the rhythm of the climb. Once I finally convince myself to begin the piece, I quickly fall into the art and the rhythm of creation.


Process Vs. Product

As I stumble through my art work, I have begun to truly appreciate the value of process. I have realized that process is more valuable than the product. When I work on a piece at some point always, I find myself at a standstill, when my original idea seems eons away from my work. When I reach this point, I must learn how to create what I originally envisioned. Often when painting, this results in having to paint and repaint until I have created something that is along the lines of my original intent. With a close attention to detail, the process is often drawn out, as I continually adjust and revise my pieces. Through this continual process, I learn a great deal; I am able to develop techniques and learn about the particular medium I am working with. With many people looking to the product it’s the process and it’s importance is too often overlooked.

LA Street Art

Attached here is some Street Art I discovered while in Los Angeles. The vibrant use of colour commands the eye to it, which emphasis its intent. I found this work particularly beautiful and inspirational for the use of colour and shape to create imagery.