The Art of Fashion

I have always been very much interested in fashion and so I must savor some blog space for the industry. Designers create a great feat each time they create a new piece; they alter the industry and so many lives. I idol their ability to create a work of art that is hung, not in a frame, but  draped on a body. Each item we acquire an item in our closet or buy clothing at a store, it is the result of a designer and somewhere earlier on, their idea, their design, their creation, their Art. As well, fashion appeals to me because the clothes that we are drawn to and we pick are a reflection of who we are and what appeals to us. When you put together an outfit, there are a collection of designers behind you, who get forgotten about when your clothes just become something that lies on your back. Designers are inspiring because they must be original and cutting edge; they make art accessible and usable.


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