Plaster Installment Planning

Before I can create a three dimensional figure out of plaster, I have to master the proportions of the human and the plausible gestures and movements. Here I have my planning for this project and a couple ideas for my installment.


Christmas Fever!

As we near the start of the Christmas season, I am becoming more and more excited. Mostly I am eager to volunteer again wrapping gifts with the Canadian Cancer Society! (I always try to coordinate the gift wrap to the ribbon). I am hoping to create a piece this year to convey the beauty and stillness of winter and the warmth of Christmas. Stay updated to how it works it out.

The many, many Peonies

In case you were wondering… I LOVE peonies, particularly pink peonies. I am hoping to incorporate them in to my art, I have yet to do this! Until a few moments ago, I was completely and utterly unaware the variety they come in, so here I have attached a guide. If you like peonies as much as I do you’ll find this quite interesting, otherwise keep scrolling!



Art Supplies

There is finally an art supplies store in White Rock! Long lost are the days when needing new paints meant a long drive to the nearest art store. Yesterday however, I seem to have accidentally purchased fluid Acrylic paint, rather than Acrylic paints. This proved to be an experimental event for me. Being that it was the first time I have ever worked with these paints, I experimented with them, mixing and dripping them across my canvas, until I created a pattern of line, which I decided would work well  as a background to layer upon. This mistaken purchase resulted in a new piece!

Daisy - Fluid Acrylics and Acrylic Paint

The Result!


When I find a lull in activity in my life (AKA when I don’t have home work, and I’m not working on art), I will often fill my time with baking. I find baking as a simple way to combine science and creation. Most Importantly, I found the most delectable recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Seriously! I will even make the claim that these cookies are the best I have made. I had to share this tidbit, because I am seriously ecstatic about this. This may be a hyperbole but it seems all I want to do now is make five batches and give cookies to everyone! I can’t exactly upload a cookie on this sight, so attached the recipe.