Today I completed my first ever plaster project, and it was messy! Our task was to create an installment with figures, true to the human form. My idea was to create gymnasts, as they contort their bodies in unimaginable ways, balance upside down on the palm of their hands, and fearlessly flip in threes. I began the process, sketching bodies, true to proportion. Once I had a clear shape with clear gestures, It was time to start the process. Underneath layers and layers of plaster is a wire structure and cotton balls. Working with wire is a challenging task, twisting it around and manipulating it in to the desired shape is nothing compared to drawing. Working in the third dimension requires a keen attention to detail. Once a frame was created I used cotton balls to fill the body in and strips of soaked plaster atop that. The plaster had to be smoothed and smoothed and smoothed to prevent cracking, and improve structure. It was a long process. I installed my gymnasts on a stair railing, letting them balance along that as if it were a gymnastic bar. The finished piece is here!


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