Christmas Cupcakes

Today I had the opportunity to lead a workshop for my art class on a couple ways to decorate cupcakes.Since I began baking, and then decorating, I have noticed the importance of food being aesthetically pleasing.We not only eat with our sense of taste and smell, but also sight. So I was very excited to share with my class how easy it can be, and everyone seemed to enjoyed the sugar! Being that it is so close to Christmas, I made green icing and brought in green, red and white sprinkles. I soon found how challenging it is to run a workshop, for twenty two people with icing and sprinkles. First, I gave a demonstration showing everyone how to create the very popular 1M Swirl (1M is the icing tip), then each person was given a some wax paper to practice their swirls and designs before they got their cupcakes. I also demonstrated a Christmas tree cupcake, using a drop method. Once each person was given their edible canvases, two peppermint chocolate cupcakes, everyone was given the opportunity to decorate however they like. The classroom became a scene of people decorating cupcakes, eating icing, passing the sprinkles around, eating cupcakes in a beautiful chaos of joy. The joy of sugar and sweets is one that cannot be explained. It was a great way to enjoy the end of the school term and kick off the beginning of winter break. Everyone was alighted as to how their cupcakes turned out. It is surprisingly easy if you are just given the right tools and a delicious canvas.

Some of the many, many great cupcake tops!

Some of the many, many beautiful cupcake tops!


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