Back to School and Back to Routine

Today was the first day back at school. Although it was a bit challenging to wake up, once I was back in the halls, it was like we never left. It is funny how no one really changes much. We go from break, then back to school, break, and then back to school, and everything is right where you left it. My blazer hanging haphazardly on the small metal hook near the bottom of my locker. The collection of crumpled papers abandoned behind my binders. My huge chemistry textbook all by its lonesome at the floor of my locker, to big to fit with the others. The top shelf of my locker, still barley in reach and sight, (I am incredibly short). The people even, right where you left them scattered down the halls most in clumps, some in twos, a few brave ones stalk alone. Some penciling something on paper, a few peering in to a phone. Right where they were left it seems, right where everything was left.


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