During my Spring Break, I had the most amazing opportunity to visit Project Somos, a children’s village in Guatemala. There, the group of us, were able to provide help in many different ways; from making bricks, to painting buildings, digging dirt, varnishing the wood playground, grouting, working in the kitchen, making lamps and even painting rocks.

One afternoon, I volunteered to paint rocks. Why were we painting rock? The intention was to make the rocks into toys for the children, to play with in their sand box. I painted some of the rocks in the pictures below. The blue car in this photo is one of the rocks I painted. As I painted it, I hoped that the children would recognize this irregularly shaped blue object as a car, but I had little proof, until the last day. On the last day, the children came from their houses to where we stayed, and one of the children, Kenny, little Kenny, picked up the blue car, recognized it to be a car and began moving it across the floor. It filled me with incredible joy to see Kenny play with the rock I painted, and to see the rock could bring Kenny joy.

Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks


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