Artist Statement

Artist Statement 

Art is a communication tool. My art communicates what is going on in my life, what I am influenced by, and what I find alluring. I am very much influenced by other artists and the world around me. My art means a great deal to me, as it is a reflection of myself. If I see something that particularly speaks to me, I will be bombarded with ideas, longing for my art materials to create something of the like. As a result, I will go through artistic phases, working through one idea then switching as my small world changes. Flowers have become a reoccurring theme with in my work, mainly because of their beauty and symbolism for life. Much can be said by the way you portray a flower.  In other’s work, I am drawn to ideas of whimsy and a vibrant use of colour, so I like to incorporate this in to my work.

Typically, I will begin a piece with a sketch, most often roaring through the planning phase, then evolving my idea as I work through any challenges I find along the way. I enjoy using a variety of mediums, in order to round out my work, but I find a particular appeal to paint. Paint appeals to me mostly, on account of its ability to work in layers. When I run in to challenges working with this medium, I am able to work around it, with flexibility within my idea. I don’t like to hide the medium I am working with. For instance, when I work with paint you can clearly see that I am working with paint.  I also work with mixed-media, photography, pencil, and most recently oil pastel. As I grow as an artist, I hope to discover more about my own style and evolve my techniques. I constantly strive to improve my art, continually seeking to take what I have to the next level.


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