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Written Work 

Ode to Pajamas

Oh pajamas, my Pajamas! My friend tried and true

You bring me great comfort

Swaddled in fabrics of flannel, cotton, silk or fleece

However, I must confess, I love you most tumbling out of the dyer

Heat still tingling in your limbs, as you encompass me within you

Awarding you my most favourite attire

You’ve been there for me all through the years,

You’ve seen my tears when I didn’t want you

Longing for more time to play

But alas, I now appreciate your soft company in each of your forms

Even, Eagerly awaiting our next rendezvous

I may pack you, fold you and wash you each day

Regretting the moment we part, leaving you balled up or crumpled and waiting for me

I thank you now, as I know you will be there for many more years

Staying up with me through long nights and bouts of homesickness

Soothing me with familiar linens, like a child and blanket

From evening to morning and sometimes mid-day

From eating popcorn to cereal and even soufflé!

Often sharing busy mornings, disappearing to soon

And mornings that move as slow as the syrup I pour

As we sit around the family table together embracing the early morning ray

Each hoping for dreams of adventure and play as the day drifts away

Oh Pajamas! My friend tried and true, what in the world would I ever do without you!



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