Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I created this piece to celebrate Earth Day. Nature and all its glories are beautiful, and so many artists have been inspired by natures colours, patterns, and forms. On Earth Day, I am grateful to have access to expansive natural land, fresh air and fresh water.

Finished Pencil Crayon Peice

Pencil Crayon





During my Spring Break, I had the most amazing opportunity to visit Project Somos, a children’s village in Guatemala. There, the group of us, were able to provide help in many different ways; from making bricks, to painting buildings, digging dirt, varnishing the wood playground, grouting, working in the kitchen, making lamps and even painting rocks.

One afternoon, I volunteered to paint rocks. Why were we painting rock? The intention was to make the rocks into toys for the children, to play with in their sand box. I painted some of the rocks in the pictures below. The blue car in this photo is one of the rocks I painted. As I painted it, I hoped that the children would recognize this irregularly shaped blue object as a car, but I had little proof, until the last day. On the last day, the children came from their houses to where we stayed, and one of the children, Kenny, little Kenny, picked up the blue car, recognized it to be a car and began moving it across the floor. It filled me with incredible joy to see Kenny play with the rock I painted, and to see the rock could bring Kenny joy.

Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks

Learning About the Abstract Expressionist Movement

Currently I am in the process of familiarizing myself with the Abstract Expressionist movement, so I can create a visual response to my understanding of it. As, I read countless pages dedicated to this artistic movement, I recognize within myself an intrigue in Art History. I am interested to learn all about the artist, their history, what led them to expression themselves in that they did? How their movement evolved? How artists like De Kooning and Pollock transitioned from the early figurative work of their past to the abstract work during their prime? I have become transfixed with these ideas. As I try to learn about them, I feel I learn about myself as well.

New Year, New Intentions!

New Year’s Resolutions are always very popular, however they are often forgotten after a few weeks. January Intentions turn in to February fall out. I have the intention to keep mine. Yes, I did make some resolutions. In the past, I gave little thought to this cliche tradition, but this year the idea fascinates me.The idea that we are given a chance, once a year, to commit something to yourself for yourself. A promise to keep through the year. Here are a couple of mine.

Be Grateful and Happy

Be Observant and Present

Winter Break…Finally

I just had a very busy and stressful week. I did however manage to get through my tests, projects and meet deadlines as I moved through the week in a sleep deprived haze. It does however feel amazing to be off for a few weeks! I am looking forward to some down time and family time during the holidays.

Christmas Fever!

As we near the start of the Christmas season, I am becoming more and more excited. Mostly I am eager to volunteer again wrapping gifts with the Canadian Cancer Society! (I always try to coordinate the gift wrap to the ribbon). I am hoping to create a piece this year to convey the beauty and stillness of winter and the warmth of Christmas. Stay updated to how it works it out.